"Glamification": GEMILLI's Definition - The GEMILLI way to live with jewelry style and spirit.  GEMILLI Jewelry Stylist's will style and introduce you to a new jewelry experience!  You can purchase beautiful pieces online, come visit us at our studio in Rumson, NJ, as well as set up a personal one on one GEMILLI style session or Host a GEMILLI "Fling" party!  We are also featured at events and sell our jewelry at selected vendor locations.  Watch out for our sales and from time to time you can have a 1 hour GEMILLI "fling" on-line!  Be sure to stay connected and attend our next event!  We are located at Etre Hair Spa (www.etrehairspa.com).  

GEMILLI invites you to dress up your wardrobe, inspire and enjoy your on-line shopping experience!

Sneak Peeks